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We’ve decided to switch things up this week and put me, Joshua, in front of the camera instead of France, in order to address a topic that some of you might be struggling with. In the video below, I share the story of  how France was able to help transform me from a 2 recipe bachelor-style cook into a confident cooking ninja who has a blast in the kitchen. While my journey to learning how to cook healthy wasn’t necessarily the typical one, I’ll be sharing with you some of the helpful steps you can replicate to get anyone in your own household immediately involved in the kitchen and boosting their cooking confidence in the process.



1. Set up the Ground Rule – The outcome of the meal does not matter. What matters is that your husband/loved one is in charge of the meal and is free to learn. It’s okay to make mistakes. Make sure that your loved one knows that. It’s just part of the learning process.

2. Choose A Recipe That Will Stretch Him A Little – You can either choose this for him or decide together. If he already cooks once or twice a week, then this should be a recipe that he’s unfamiliar with and is slightly outside his comfort zone. If he doesn’t cook at all, then choose something together that he’ll enjoy making.

3. Be There to Help, but He’s In Charge – Be available to answer any questions or help with any skill or technique problems, but make sure he’s in charge of the meal. This will give him the opportunity to develop his cooking skills in a way that’s only slightly uncomfortable.

4. Always Remember Rule #1 – Seriously, don’t forget this. We all blow it at some point when it comes to cooking. Learn and move on.

So what has or hasn’t worked for you in attempting to get your husband or family to cook more? If you’re a single person, what helped you take your cooking to the next level? Leave me a comment below. I’m listening.

Ready to take your natural food cooking skills, or those of a loved one, to the next level?  Check out The Whole Food Revelation DVD Program. France shows you exactly how to make every single natural foods meal in the cookbook, from start to finish. So, even if you can’t be around to answer a question, your husband or loved one can still see exactly what to do to have perfect, whole food meals ready for you. In the videos, France goes through tons of the techniques and skills that she taught me at the fire tower to get my cooking skills to where they are today. You can find out more here.


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