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Some of you may be wondering what to do with any left over yogurt cheese you may have after making the Cardamom and Honey Cremets. The recipe advised to start with 1 1/2 cups of plain full fat yogurt (I started with 2) to get 1 cup of cheese. I always make more because I love having it around the house, but you may have some left over regardless. The reason I love keeping it around is that not only can it be substituted to make lovely desserts, but it is useful in a lot of other ways too.

My favorite way is with olive oil and salt and pepper on a pita. Below it is shown using left over chili oil from my Creamy Chickpea Soup I posted earlier last week.  It is also great with good quality olive oil and a heavy sprinkle of Za’atar. This is how I was first introduced to yogurt cheese, otherwise know as Labaneh (also spelled Labneh).

Yogurt Cheese with Chili Oil

More snack ideas include adding it in place of cream cheese in your favorite dips or adding it in your creamy salad dressings and mix it with herbs, salt and pepper for a zingy spread.

Molly Katzen also has a delicious recipe for Yogurt Pie (a lot like a cheesecake recipe in pie form) that is also quite nice, if you’re looking for more dessert ideas.

And don’t leave breakfast out! For those of you who have a weakness for cream cheese on bagels, consider this yogurt cheese as a low fat option. Mix yogurt cheese with your favorite jam for a great homemade berry “cream cheese”.


Homemade Yogurt Cheese

1 1/2 – 2 cups of plain yogurt (depending on how much you want to make)

In a yogurt cheese maker or in a strainer lined with cheesecloth, placed over a bowl, put the yogurt in the strainer and allow it to sit overnight in the fridge. What will remain the next day will be yogurt cheese. A thick, creamy cup of yogurt cheese will remain. That’s it! Now season and flavor per the suggestions above.

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