There are so many great, helpful and inspiring food blogs out there, but when you’re trying to cook with healthy, whole foods, it’s a whole lot easier to have inspiration and recipes tailored to your needs and that directly support you on your food journey. So, with that in mind, here are 10 whole food blogs that we think you definitely need to follow.

1. Cheeseslave

Cheeseslave’s tagline is probably the best I’ve ever read and gives you a sense, right away, of the goodness that you’re in for. It states: “For the love of cheese. And bacon. And butter. And raw milk. And all those other things we’re not supposed to eat.”

Ann Marie, the author of Cheeseslave, had rheumatoid arthritis when she was 25 and she healed herself through whole foods – foods like cheese, bacon, and butter. She shares a host of great articles on the importance of eating with real food, debunks many of the common misperceptions about food, as well as offers some great classes on cooking with sprouted grains and healing food allergies through a GAPS diet.

2. The Healthy Home Economist

Sarah who runs The Healthy Home Economist is a little ball of fire who’s not afraid to shake things up and question what has traditionally been considered sound healthy eating advice. Sarah questions pretty much everything that is currently considered healthy, from food, to farming, to healthy fats (not what we’re normally taught), to fitness, and even to child birthing. This is a fantastic blog that is guaranteed to always keep you on your toes.

3. 101 Cookbooks

It’s highly unlikely that you haven’t heard of this amazing blog, but if you haven’t, it’s my pleasure to introduce it to you. Heidi Swanson’s blog devoted to natural cooking started a movement back in the early days of food blogging. Recipes, travel stories, and jaw dropping photos you will find aplenty. It’s easy to spend hours here with the massive amount of drool worthy recipes that Heidi has shared from years of blogging. She also has a great selection of vegetarian recipes and is the author of two wonderful cookbooks: Super Natural Cooking and Super Natural Every Day. Make sure to pick them up.

4. Healthy Green Kitchen

Winnie Abramson, the author of Healthy Green Kitchen, might just be the sweetest person I’ve “met” in the blogosphere. It’s pretty hard not to love her. She is a naturopathic doctor who has turned into a food writer and photographer. Her photos are absolutely stunning and it’s impossible to not want to dive right into her delicious whole food meals. Keep a drool towel on hand. She also runs a wonderful series called One Simple Change. These are practical, easy to implement changes to live a healthier life.

 5. Jeanette’s Healthy Living

Jeanette Chen is the author of the wonderful health food blog, Jeanette’s Healthy Living. Jeanette is also a master at food photography and serves up a host of gourmet whole food recipes all week long. She puts emphasis on foods that are gluten-free or appropriate for people with food allergies. We also seem to be on the same page, as Jeanette’s focus has always been on healthy foods that do not compromise on flavor (because really, who wants to eat nasty “health” food?). So, if you’re looking for tasty, healthy recipes, then make sure and pay her a visit.

6. Whole. New. Mom.

Adrienne at Whole.New.Mom. is a pro when it comes to whole foods on a budget. Her motto is “Healthy Living – In A Whole New Way.” Her site is full of great articles, tips, and advice on meal planning, budgeting, figuring out what to buy to create your real food kitchen as well as fantastic whole food recipes with gluten free and dairy free options available. And she runs a wonderful blog-hop on Tuesday’s called Traditional Tuesdays. Don’t miss it!

7. Food Renegade

Kristen, the wonderful miscreant author of Food Renegade, will pump you up. Her passion for whole foods is infectious and you can always count on being entertained, inspired, and having a whole lot of fun in the process when you’re at her site. She writes great articles on the healing power of food and is a staunch believer in butter, grass fed meat, bacon, and all the other yummy, good-for-you foods that we promote as well. Hop on board and become a Renegade, because when you’re with Kristen, it’s almost too fun not to be.

8. The Nourishing Gourmet

Kimi Harris, the author of The Nourishing Gourmet, lives up to her blog name. She shares delicious, nourishing, gourmet whole food recipes that are accompanied by delightful photos. She also shares many great family friendly recipes for those that are new to eating whole foods and for those on a budget.

9. Simply Sugar and Gluten Free

Amy Green is the author of the blog Simply Sugar and Gluten Free and the cookbook of the same name. Amy has a fascinating and truly inspiring story. She has been able to maintain a 60+ pound weight loss since switching to a diet that is free of both gluten and refined sugars. Her blog offers practical advise on meal planning and stocking your kitchen as well as great recipes. She also has many great gluten free and refined sugar free desserts, so if you’re on the look out for whole food desserts, check out her great blog. She is an excellent example of the dramatic effects that food can have on health and weight loss.

10. Inspired Edibles

Kelly Mulcair, the author of Inspired Edibles, is a registered nutritionist and the owner of Trinity Nutrition. Her wonderful blog is full of delicious, whole food recipes with a nutritionists take on why they’re so good for you. She is a wealth of nutritional information. She’ll answer all the “whys” you might have when it comes to eating whole foods.

You’ll also find many home favorites like burritos, beef stew, and even truffles but with a foodie flair. As a nutritionist and a foodie, Kelly has a great understanding of how food should taste amazing, be made from real, nutritious ingredients, and present well.

So, what are your favorite whole foods blogs? Who would you put on the list? Let us know in the comments below. 


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