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Have you ever wondered how to julienne carrots quickly and efficiently without losing your fingers?

Knowing how to julienne veggies is a great skill to have in your back pocket. It’s especially great for those times when you’re cutting a small amount of veggies or you don’t have a mandoline available, like when you’re helping cook at a friends house or on vacation. Knowing this technique, you can still make those carrots look gorgeous and presentable.

But what good are julienned carrots if you lose a finger in the process? Well, I came across this short, one minute video recently that shows the perfect way to make gorgeous julienned carrots while keeping all your fingers. Just remember to keep the finger tips away from the blade and use a nice sharp knife! I’m a big fan of the Victorinox Chef’s Knife. It’s lightweight, won’t break the budget, and sharp.


How often do you julienne carrots or veggies?

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