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I have never talked about birth control or fertility here because it is first and foremost a food blog. But it’s not out of line with natural, healthy living, which ultimately, is what this is all about. But first, I want to tell you about the serious challenges I’ve had over the years with birth control, and the wonderful drug-free solution that I’ve found, and been using, for years. The great news is that whether you are trying to get pregnant or avoid getting pregnant, this solution will work for you.

I have been using the Lady Comp for pregnancy prevention for 4 years now and I feel so blessed that someone took the time to share this method of contraception with me. I have intentionally not gotten pregnant for the last 4 years (with no false scares), all through the use of this amazing device. It has had such an impact in my life, and my hope is that it will help one of you too. If what I’m about to share today even helps one person from following the path I did, it’s so worth it.



My Lady-Comp


Now, why should I be so blessed to be introduced to a $485.00 thermometer/computer? Ok, a pretty crazy cool thermometer thing-a-majiggy, but still expensive, right?

Not really. (I’ve included some of the math that helped me make my decision and to show you that it’s actually cheaper, over the long run, than many common forms of birth control, like the pill. Also most of my previous methods of birth control were subsidized, so the reduced cost is noted, but some of you may be paying a lot more).

I should mention that dropping 485 bucks was not an easy thing for me to do. I did not have a lot of money at the time and in reality I had to charge it to my credit card to make it happen then. Embarrassing for me to admit, but its true. I was fresh out of school and I was carrying $60,000 in student loan debt. Adding more debt to the equation was no small thing. Was it worth it for me? Absolutely.

But first, let me give you some background information into my past challenges with birth control. They’ll help clarify why I took the leap, and why the Lady Comp is worth a look.

My History With Birth Control:


Depo-Provera (cost $33 quarterly = $132/ year or $660 for 5 years)

Let’s go back a few years to the time when I was using other methods of contraception. I first tried Depo-Provera, which is an injectable hormonal contraceptive that gets re-injected every 3 months.  I don’t have the best memory at the best of times, so something I only had to think about every three months sounded good. But…

My period stopped completely.

Every year I went into the doctor’s office for an annual check up. I would say, “Are you certain I should still be on this? Not getting a period can’t be normal? Should I get off of this for a year at a time every once and a while?”

They always responded with a self-assured, “No.” They claimed it was perfectly safe. I was young, dumb and believed what doctors told me.

The Bike Accident

A bike accident several years later lead to a broken collarbone. A broken bone that was not only very painful since, like most people, I use my arms a lot, but after 2 months there was no healing. After 4 months, only a very little amount of healing had happened. What was going on?

Around this time, I switched to a lovely lady physician in her early thirties. On my return to her office around month 4 (since the fracture was not healing), she started to look at my history. When she found out how long I had been taking Depo she almost hit the roof. She sent me off immediately for a bone density scan. I was diagnosed with Osteopenia (low bone density). Not surprising, since this happens to be the most severe and common side effect of the drug. Hence the reason it was taking so long to heal a fracture.

This happens to be a well-known side effect of Depo-Provera and it is now not recommended that any patient be on it for more than 2 years. I was on it for 7! Funny no one thought to mention it. It took a year to heal 1 broken bone. Imagine if I had been in a bad car accident. I shudder to think what might have happened. I was so lucky it was only 1 bone! Just thinking about it brings about a baby throw up in my mouth.

(note: I have been fortunate to regain normal bone density since discontinuing this form of contraception. However it did take several years. Large sigh of relief! This is not necessarily typical.)

Birth Control Pills ($12/ month = $144/ year or $720 for 5 years)

Next down memory lane, birth control pills. What a freakin’ nightmare. I mean really. I’m emotional enough without added hormonal imbalances that are so common with modern birth control pills. One brand after another, they were all disasters. Some of them just made me feel crazy. But the real problem was that most of them made subtle changes in my behavior. An increase in feeling mad or sad, more and more. I never really associated it with the pill at the time, but rather thought it was life circumstances. But it was the pill. Want to know what the worst part was? I was paying for it. Literally. I was paying to feel sad, volatile and mad. Every single month. Now that’s crazy.

Copper IUD ($90-$160 every 5 years, if you can handle it, read below)

We’re not done yet, ladies. Memory lane takes me to the copper IUD. I think I just heard an audible gasp from the universe as I admit to this out loud. By this point in my life, I was suffering from depression and sever insomnia. I didn’t want to put any more drugs in my body. I was desperately looking for a solution.

With a 160 million woman using this form of contraception all over the world, what could be so bad? Sure, IN THEORY, it might not be, but it was one of the most excruciating experiences of my life. The IUD caused so much pain. Not just during my monthly period but all the time. I was taking so many painkillers to just live my life that it was really counter productive to not wanting to put more drugs in my body. The doctors kept saying, “Wait it out. It’s just an adjustment period.” I removed it after 5 months. I simply couldn’t take any more pain. Here’s the irony. Before then I had never had a painful period. Since removing the IUD, they all are. That’s what you get for messing with something that was designed perfect in the first place!

The Lady Comp – My Birth Control Solution

The train stops here. This is where my journey ends. A conversation with a friend lead me to the Lady Comp website where I read:

  • “A woman can only get pregnant on six days during each menstrual cycle: five days before ovulation and on the day she ovulates.
    This is a relatively short period of time and bears no relation to the considerable health damages many women expose their body to day in and day out, only to prevent a pregnancy during those six days.”

Now that hit a button for me. If I new what those six days were, why would I need anything else? And not just knowing what those 6 days were, like guessing and marking it on a calendar (not that this would work for me because as previously discussed, my memory sucks), but rather really knowing with reasonable accuracy. The accuracy rate of the Lady Comp device is 99.3 %. Not bad. Not bad at all. I continued to read:

  • “Based on your morning temperature, taken orally, the fertility computer determines your fertile days and shows you when you are ovulating by recording, analyzing and storing your menstrual cycle data. It determines your daily status of fertility and will alert you on the days when intercourse may lead to pregnancy: on the day you ovulate – and five days before ovulation.”

So, instead of putting drugs or foreign objects in my body, all I have to do is take my temperature and follow the computer? I’m listening.

How It Works

Do your own research to make your own decision, but for those of you who are curious, the device is about 5 inches in diameter and about an inch thick. It’s just slightly larger then the palm of my hand.

I also use it as my alarm clock. When my alarm goes off, I take my oral temperature (I get asked “Where?” all the time when I tell my friends about it” LOL). It registers it, puts in into the memory and tracks my cycles and when I’m ovulating. I get a yellow light or a red light warning me not to have intercourse. On green light days, it’s a go!

But How Effective Is it?

Now my major concern was effectiveness, as I’m sure it is for most women using birth control methods. This page has a chart that is quite helpful in comparing all the different types and their effectiveness, but the bottom line is that it is 100% natural and has a 99.3% effectiveness.

I have been using it for 4 years and have intentionally never gotten pregnant because of it. It still works like a charm and has not had a single problem. This is probably to my mother-in-law’s dismay (she’d love some more grandbabies), but all in due time. For now we are happy where we are.

I can’t even tell you how happy my husband is that I won’t end up in traction for a year due to broken bones if something bad were to happen to me, that we both don’t suffer from my drug induced emotional out bursts anymore, and that I no longer wake up everyday in agony from the IUD. The best feeling of all is that I feel in control, and I have to say this was not present with any of the others. Control and relief might be a better way of describing it.

France Morissette

Trying To Get Pregnant?

Even if you’re trying to have babies, they have software for that too. It basically works exactly the same but in reverse. If you want to make a baby, just have it on those days. They also make a special version for people that struggle with reduced fertility or are interested in gender planning.

Think For Yourself

As you can see it is definitely not the most expensive form of birth control on the market, and over the course of 5 years makes a lot of sense. That’s not even taking into account the health repercussions of all the other ones. There’s no way I could include enough information in this post to help you make a decision as to whether this is right for you or not. But I do hope it spurs some interest in researching it further. You can find out more about the Lady Comp and other women’s experiences with it right here.

“To find yourself, think for yourself.” – Socrates, 460 B.C.


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