A stack of polenta with grilled eggplant, steamed chard and a homemade tomato sauce. Yum.

The restaurant I work with makes a Polenta Stack that I love. The polenta paired with cheese, tomato sauce and grilled veggies is a fabulous combination. This is my version of the same dish, just a little healthier. I’ve been eating it for days. Eggplant and polenta are magic, but the beauty of polenta is that is can easily be paired with almost anything.

Polenta makes a great gluten free substitution or a nice side dish when I’m looking for options outside of potatoes and rice. I’ve even featured polenta a few times here, once in the form of polenta gnocchi with a Mushroom and Tomato Thyme Stew and once as Breakfast Polenta Cakes with a Blackberry Syrup. I love me a good polenta.

Polenta is yummy but it sucks to make…until now

But the truth is, I don’t make it very often because it’s time consuming. In some ways it reminds me of risotto, with the constant stirring, which I also don’t make very often for the same reason. Here’s the thing, my feet are almost always sore, like really sore, so if I have to stand over the stove for 40 minutes, constantly stirring something so it doesn’t burn, the chances of me making it go down drastically.

That was until last week when I discovered a trick to cooking polenta (on a forum, sorry I don’t remember which one), which requires practically no stirring! Its wonderful. Just add the cornmeal to the hot water, whisk for a minute or 2 and walk away. You’ll have to watch the video to find out how this is possible...

Should I try this trick on risotto next? Could it work?

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