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Real Food on Thursday

Welcome To Keep It Real Thursdays!

Last week we featured all things as they related to the movie It’s Complicated as I am the super duper host of this month’s Food n’ Flix. If you’d like to part take in the fun and frivolity of this month’s Food ‘n Flix, see here for a short post on how to participate. Essentially, you watch this fun, heart warming romance of an older couple and get inspired to make or bake something fun. Then share the recipe. The deadline is Sept 23rd! We’ll showcase everyone’s creation right here!

This week I’m going to feature some recipes that ALSO follow a theme.  The theme is FOOD I WANT TO EAT! All of these recipes were shared here last week as part of Keep It Real Thursday. I guess that’s the theme every week, since I’m doing the picking…All the recipes and information are excellent and if I were to choose tomorrow the outcome might be different. But today this is what I would eat – and well, whatever, it’s my site, nana booboo! I get to pick.

This week they all happen to be grain free too. Bonus if you’re on a grain free diet.

Real Food Freaks

First off, a soup/stew Jen calls Munggo. I happen to have a big bag of sprouted beans and I’m always looking for great ways to use them in recipes. Embarrassing confession…I’m not crazy for sprouted beans, they’re ok, but we eat them because I know they’re good for us. I’m so excited that Jen has a recipe that makes them look so delicious. I can’t wait to try this!

Skye’s Life
Over at Sky’s Life there’s this fab recipe for elder berry syrup. What I love about this, is that she’s 15! 15, people! And writing about cool healthy stuff. I wish I had been that cool at 15.

My dirty secret is that I love elderberry syrup in gin, lime and muddled cucumber. Now I can make a whole food version of the syrup I love. Don’t try this at home Skye until you’re much older.

Tessa The Domestic Diva

Tessa always puts out good stuff, but this is a must try. As you may already know from posts like 5 minute coconut chocolates and 4 ingredient 5 minutes power bars, I love quick and simple. These Raw Chocolate Macaroons are just that! I believe her when she says that you’ll need very good will power if you decide to make these.

Jen’s Natural Kitchen

One of my favorite soups/stews is cioppino. Cioppino sounds fancy, but it’s a truly delicious seafood stew that comes together so quickly you won’t believe how good it tastes, in so little time. It’s just perfect for this time of the year when the temperature starts to fall.

The Veggie Nook

Raw Coconut Avocado Fries with a Sweet Chili Sauce by Gabby at the Veggie Nook.There’s no way you won’t love how creative and delicious these look. I have a big bag of avocados I can’t wait to try this on.

Keep It Real Thursday

Welcome to Keep It Real Thursday!

The Rules:

1. Introduce yourself, your blog, and what you’re about in the comment section and a small blurb about what you’re sharing. This way people can get to know you a little bit right off the hop and hopefully follow you as well.

2. Be sure to add a link in your post back to this post. Simple linky etiquette. This allows your readers to find other posts that may help them on their journey.

3. If you’re sharing recipes, the only requirement is that the ingredient list be comprised of real food only, that means non-processed food items. That being said, we are all in different places on our real food journey, some more advanced than others. I invite all of you to share, no matter where you are on your journey, but I ask you to stay mindful when sharing your recipes that this is a whole (real) food blog. This means, no ingredient lists that include edible oil products (velveeta, frozen whip topping), protein powders, ketchup, white flour, margarine or white and brown sugar.

4. Less of a rule but more a suggestion: Retweet,  Stumble, or Pin this post so EVERYONE gets more exposure and traffic. It’s win-win for everyone.

Don’t have a blog? That’s ok, we’d still love to hear from you. Write your recipes or tips in the comment section so we can get to know you too!

Now it’s your turn to share your whole food recipes and ideas!

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