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Ain’t it cute? A little primitive, but cute!

Ok. First with the news. Big. News.

I’m going on an adventure!

I’m going to work in the middle of nowhere.

I’m going to live in a 400 square foot cabin in the middle of nowhere.

This is going to be exciting!

I have done this before, so everyone can take a deep breath. It’s going to be ok.

There’s really only 2 things that are always a little challenging.

1. There is no running water (but I do get a big water tank that gets filled monthly because there is no stream or water source nearby). There is most definitely no hot water or bathroom.

I do however have a very clean outhouse if I do say so myself! White and pristine in fact. Just saying.

2. There is no power, however I do get a generator for power 2 hours a day. A must since I plan to continue to blog of course. In fact I’ll have more time then ever to write which is one of the BIGGEST perks of going out to the woods!

Maybe it’s best to talk about the things I have than the things I don’t….

I do get a little garden. Yes it’s mostly sandy dirt that vegetables really don’t like to grow in, and the growing season is only 2 months, but it’s better than nothing. Kale, chard and spinach all grow fast enough as do green beans. With grocery deliveries only once a month, this is going to be my main source of fresh veggies! I wish I could compost but alas….there are too many bears for composting, so I will buy fertilizer. Luckily my sister has a ton of it. She has 2 horses!

I also have internet, thanks to the technology advancements and a thing called the air card. That’s a huge bonus if you plan to maintain a blog. Very important stuff you know.

I do have a property completely surrounded by wild blueberries. Freshly picked berries for morning smoothies?! Yes. Please. Sure it’s only for a month, but it’s a glorious month.

I do have a propane tank to provide heat and refrigeration and a small stove. This little propane stove gets hot, like really hot! Which means some of the best homemade pizzas I’ve ever had where made in that small oven! Expect some sprouted pizza recipes in your future.

So you’re probably wondering WHY and WHAT FOR?


Well, to change it up mostly, but it’s a really relaxing environment and I’ll be able to do a ton of writing.

What the heck are you doing out there?

Primarily, I climb my way up into that little box, way up there and I watch for smoke and fires. That’s it in a nutshell (there’s other stuff that will bore you so I’ll skip it). If there is one, I call it in to dispatch who will send out a team of fire firefighters.  It’s a simple life.

It’s much higher than it looks!

Even though I have done this before, for some reason it’s still a little scary. I try not to think about the occasional scary moments I had, but my brain plays tricks on me. You hear sounds that aren’t there, imagine scenes from movies like the Shining. I’m also a little scared of the dark, which really doesn’t help. I know. I’m a grown woman. It sounds ridiculous. But I absolutely hate having to turn the generator off at night (it’s in a separate building). Waking to the generator shed is ok, but then you turn it off and everything goes black. No lights, no sound, and always visions of someone with an axe hiding behind a door! Always. Silly I know, but true.

Now what is far more likely is that a bear will be standing between the generator shed and the cabin, leaving me hiding in a generator shed until morning. Yet, for some reason, it’s always the axe I worry about….

Mostly stress free, simplified living.

This time I have a new challenge. 5 years ago (the last time I did this) I followed a modified whole food diet. I made everything from scratch (with the exception of canned tomatoes and stock which is an absolute mandatory purchase), except I had not yet ventured into using all whole food ingredients. I still used white sugar, I didn’t buy GMO free products, and I most certainly bought whatever animal products I could get, such as eggs, milk, and meat. Even though those animals products were minimal.

Nothing lasts long in a badly temperature controlled propane fridge (about the size of an old 1950s fridge), not to mention the size difference. But the thing is…I can’t buy that kind of meat anymore. I just can’t buy mass produce, factory meat or eggs (I won’t get into all the reasons right now). And dairy is even more challenging than both of those. So it looks like this girl will be going mostly vegan. At least for the most part unless I can find an ethical, sustainably raised meat supply (not likely). Occasionally the family who owns the beaver trap line a few miles away will drop off a fresh grouse for me, but it’s rare. So hopefully I won’t lose too many of my paleo and primal readers out there.

I usually go out to the cabin with 3-5 cookbooks. The hunt for good vegan cookbooks begin. I’m so pleased with the recent addition of Superfood Kitchen to my bookshelves. A beautiful book filled vegan recipes and raw desserts. I can’t tell you what a life saver this will be. Sure I have a bunch of vegan recipes on BTP, but the thought of having to come up with vegan recipes 3 times a day is a little intimidating. The one thing that I can have as an animal product is honey. Oh sweet honey, how I love thee.

I have some great vegetarian cookbooks that I love, but they use a surprising amount of dairy and eggs that aren’t easily substituted out. The books I’ve had the opportunity of looking through were TERRIBLE. Hardly a real food in site. GMO soy cheese this, soy protein that, and Nature’s Balance this, and processed food coming out the woohoo. So disappointing. If anyone has recommendations for a real food vegan cookbook, I’d love to hear them.

Remember I am limited to simple kitchen tools. No dehydrator (that takes power) cookbooks please.

One more thing! Posting will be irregular from the first of April until the 20th. And then the adventures begin!

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