So you’ve made the decision to take full control & responsibility of your health. You’re ready to get rid of some of the pain that has been plaguing you for years. You’re ready to finally feel energized, alive and engaged. You’re ready to lose weight and feel gorgeous again.

But what do you do next? How do you get started? What are the action steps that will set you up for success so you can actually lose weight, boost your energy, and rid yourself of some of the health issues that you’ve struggled with?

We’ve created this Whole Food Quick Start Resource Kit to help you put actions to your decision and as a pre-cursor to our 6 day program, The Whole Food Jump Start. This resource kit will take you step-by-step through a process designed to clean out your kitchen, get you eating well, and feeling better than you’ve ever felt before. Ready? Let’s go!

The Whole Food Makeover:

When you’re starting out on any new journey, there are two ways to approach it: Dive right in and learn to swim before you drown, or start at the kiddie pool and work your way into deeper waters. These two resources will get you headed in the right direction, whether you choose to dive right in or start small. Start here.

Whole Food Makeover Part 1

Whole Food Makeover Part 2

Changing Your Food Cravings & Getting Your Family On Board

After you’ve cleaned out your kitchen, one of the biggest challenges is to keep from reverting to the old habits that have deep roots. These articles will help you with practical ways to change the foods you crave (especially sugar), so that the old habits become a non-issue. You’ll also learn how to get your family on board because this is one of the biggest de-railers on your whole food journey. If you’re family isn’t supporting you, it makes the change slower and harder. Use the strategies here to get them on board with you so you not only transform your health, but there’s as well.

How I Transformed My Taste Buds To Crave Real Food

How To Cut 13 Pounds of Sugar Out Of Your Diet

How To Get Your Family To Eat Real Food

Eating For Energy: How To Quickly & Naturally Boost Your Energy Levels

Who doesn’t want more energy & vitality in their lives? These 3 part video series will take you through actionable steps to naturally boost your energy levels

Part 1:   3 Ways To Eat For Energy

Part 2:   3 Reasons You Don’t Have More Energy & How To Fix It

Part 3:  Get More Energy By Quickly & Naturally Breaking Your Sugar Addiction