• Dilemma Resolved: Dried Cherry, Almond & Black Pepper Biscotti Recipe

    I mentioned in an earlier post on Chocolate Cherry Protein Balls that I love cookies. I don’t make them often, because I will eat them all, but also because there’s a frightening amount of sugar in every cookie recipe. Without the sugar, it’s really not a cookie. Unless, of course, it’s a biscotti! Traditionally, Italians…

    Recipe Categories:Dessert, Snack, Vegan, Vegetarian
    Main Ingredients:Almond, Berries, Cherries
    All Ingredients:, ,

  • Three Berry Scones with Apple Butter

    I’m not a fussy baker. I’ll just put it out there. Making pastry drives me bonkers and anything that involves cutting cold butter into flour is rarely attempted in this house. Sometimes I’ll see the most amazing recipe, so I put my doubts behind me and plow forward. The result? 95% disappointing. I guess I…

    Recipe Categories:Dessert, Snack, Vegan, Vegetarian, Breakfast, Brunch
    Main Ingredients:Almond, Berries, Cherries
    All Ingredients:,

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