• The Tropical Traditions Organic Honey Giveaway Winner!

      What’s better than raw organic honey? FREE raw organic honey Tropical Traditions was kind enough to offer the Beyond The Peel community a chance to win a jar of the most delicious, addicting honey that we’ve ever tasted. We announced the giveaway & a review in our last post (along with 3 great benefits…

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    Main Ingredients:Honey
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  • TV Tuesday #44 – 3 Benefits Of Raw Organic Honey & A Giveaway!

    Raw honey? What the heck is raw honey? With the word “raw” floating out there in the blogosphere, you might be wondering what everyone is talking about. Raw milk. Raw cacao. Raw honey. What does it all mean. I know I was not thinking in those terms 5 years ago. I would have heard that…

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    Main Ingredients:Honey, TV Tuesdays
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