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Welcome to Beyond The Peel! This site is devoted to delicious, real food that is uncompromising in flavor! 

Beyond The Peel was started because of a life changing transformation I had through whole foods. Since I’ve seen the impact of following a whole food diet (for the most part…I’m not perfect!), I’m excited to help you do the same!

At Beyond The Peel you’ll find recipes, stories, articles, and through video at Beyond The Peel TV, all geared toward helping you make amazing whole foods part of your life. If you’re already cooking with whole foods, I look forward to providing inspiration, tips, education and exciting new recipes.

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What is Whole Food?

Whole food is just a fancy way of saying food that is real, unprocessed and in it’s natural state. Sadly, a large majority of the foods offered to us at the grocery store and restaurants are highly processed, nutrient deficient, and just plain bad for us. These are not the kinds of foods that our bodies were designed to eat.

Here you’ll find recipes and information to support a real food lifestyle – one that is free of processed foods and full of natural ingredients that taste amazing and keep you healthy, vibrant and strong.

Just a sample of the colorful and delicious whole food meals we’ll be sharing with you.

Start Here – Whole Food Make Over

Beyond The Peel believes food shouldn’t just be good for you, it should taste AMAZING. If it’s doesn’t taste great you’ll never stay on board. Everyone should experience unbelievable flavors every day and feel good about it.

But in order to get started, you’ve got to get rid of all that processed junk masquerading as food from your kitchen. It’s time for a Whole Food Makeover.

Whole Food Make Over Part 1
Whole Food Make Over Part 2

Here are some kitchen tools that make my life in the kitchen so much better. Highly recommended!

12 Kitchen Tools That Make My Life Better

Specific Whole Food Lessons

After you’ve cleaned out the kitchen and started to replace the bad food with real food, it’s time to dig even deeper into eating real. Here are a few instructional videos and posts to start you on your whole food journey.

Is sugar toxic?

How to cut 13 pounds of sugar out of your diet

Why I’ll Never Buy Salad Dressing Again

10 Whole Food Snacks You Can Pack

5 Protein Packed Breakfasts That Will Make You Leap Out of Bed

How To Get Your Family To Eat Real Food

How I Transformed My Taste Buds to Crave Whole Foods 

Beyond The Peel TV

These episodes are filled with recipes, tips, interviews, and reviews to make eating whole foods easier and tastier for you. Make sure and check out a few of these episodes right here.

The Whole Food Revelation

If you’re struggling to get whole food meals on the table, or you are feeling like you don’t have the time to eat healthy, or you’re just looking for new whole food meals that you can feel good about serving your family, then check out my cookbook, The Whole Food Revelation. It’s the meal planning, grocery lists and recipes all done for you. To learn more and read a sample from the book, click here.