France M The foundations of Beyond The Peel Whole Living began with a simple question.

“How can I make delicious, healthy food fit into my busy life?”

This simple question is at the core of Beyond The Peel. I believe that food should be healthy, wholesome, and ridiculously delicious. Eating should be a time of joy, happiness and creativity that nourishes our bodies and gives us the energy we need to enjoy life. It shouldn’t be a time of guilt, a time to batter ourselves, it’s not a refuge from our problems, or a mindless activity interspersed between “more important” things.

The mission of Beyond The Peel Whole Living is to help 100,000 people make the journey to long-term healthy eating.

I believe the best way to do that is through education, entertainment and inspiration. I strive to show people that “healthy food” is really just real food. It’s food that is as unrefined as possible, in it’s natural state, that provides the max amount of nutrients while at the same time being absolutely uncompromising in it’s flavor.

I don’t believe in “low fat” or “fat free.” If the universe didn’t want us to eat fat, then why did he give us bacon, almonds and avocados? Like really? I believe in butter, honey, and most definitely chocolate. But more importantly I believe in foods like quinoa, bulgur, barley, lentils, and legumes. These have been powerhouse foods for millions of people for a long time. And if you’ve ever seen an Andean porter effortlessly run up a 14,000 foot mountain pass, wearing leather sandals and carrying 100 pounds on his back, then you’ll believe in quinoa too.

On a slightly more serious note, there isn’t a person out there today that can say that there isn’t a loved one, friend, co-worker, or acquaintance in their lives that suffers from some diet related disease, is over weight, or is unhappy with the way they feel and look. The big part is that it affects not just the individual, but the family and friends as well.

Some of us have suffered the pain of losing a loved one through preventable diet related diseases. There may be some of you reading this right now that are suffering from the decisions you made to reach for that McDonald’s burger or that super sized fry because you feel like there’s no time to eat right. Or maybe you don’t know where to start. Maybe pizza is your thing or chocolate in amounts that no longer constitute a treat.

I won’t even go into the cost of these diet-related problems on our health care system. It is my belief that most people don’t even know there’s a better way, a different way, because they were never shown. With all the sugar that is added to most of the foods we buy these days, it can feel like you don’t even have a chance.

But that’s why I created Beyond The Peel. Eating wholefoods can have a powerful change to the way we feel, look and behave. My goal is to share this information, to educate while inspiring and entertaining those that need a helping hand or a place of support.

At Beyond The Peel Whole Living, I endeavor to be a focal point for the whole food discussion and we urge you to participate in and help us spread our mission. Delicious meals are always best when shared. Like Beyond The Peel’s mission and a great meal, it is best when synergistically participated in. Please help spread the mission to inspire 100,000 people to make the journey to healthy eating – for life.

If you have a story to share about your journey to healthy eating, please let us know. I’d love to hear about it at

For the love of food,
France Morissette