Here are some products and services that we love, know and trust. They get the Beyond The Peel seal of approval for being great products or services to help you on your journey to long-term whole food based living.

Note: Some of the product links below are affiliate links, which means that we get a small commission if you purchase them. It does not cost you any extra. However, we only promote things we know are awesome and will help you on your whole food journey. 


GNOWFGLINS eCourse:  A wonderful eCourse taught by Wardeh Harmon on how to cook with traditional foods. Learn how to prepare grains, seeds, nuts, make sourdough bread, muffins, and cakes, culture your own dairy and cheese, and much more. This is a great eCourse that has taught us tons about how to properly prepare traditional foods. Check it out right here.

Real Food For Rookies Cooking Classes: An awesome eCourse for anyone that is looking to get started with real foods or take their families health into their hands. This 12 course class teaches everything from choosing the right fats and oils, produce, meat and natural sweeteners, to breakfast, lunch and to-go snack ideas, and host of healthy dinners that your family will love – even healthy French fries and pizzas. Learn more right here.


The Whole Food Revelation Cookbook: My cookbook that includes 4 weeks of delicious whole food meals, perfectly meal planned to make your life super simple in the kitchen. This book is laid out into weeks and days for convenience along with complete grocery lists. If you love the recipes on the blog, then you’ll love this book. Check it out here.

The Moosewood Cookbook: The cookbook that started it all for us. This was our food bible when we lived out at the fire tower and started us on our journey to making delicious meals from scratch. Check it out here.

Super Natural Every Day: A must have cookbook for anyone that loves whole food meals that taste amazing. One of our favorite cookbooks with some of the best food photography around. Check it out here.

Seasons: One of our favorite cookbooks with simple, fast, and delicious recipes for anytime of the year. We’ve been fans of Donna Hay for a long time, but this cookbook is simple exceptional. Check it out right here.

The Flavor Bible: A must have companion to your kitchen. This amazing food “dictionary” tells you exactly what ingredients go well with what, along with recommended cooking methods, so that the flavor of your meals comes out great every time. I use this all the time and it has saved me so much time when it comes to meal planning. Check it out right here.

GNOWFGLINS eBooks: Excellent eBooks on the fundamentals of real food. Learn how to use sourdough in breads, muffins, cakes, and more, and how to culture dairy and make basic cheese. Author Wardeh Harmon practically explains the importance of these foods in our health and diet and how to cook with them. Check it out here.

Baking Supplies, Fermented Foods, Cheese and Yogurt Starters

Cultures For Health: This is the place to stock up on baking supplies like sprouted flour, sprouted grains, sprouted beans, and sourdough starter. It’s also a great place to get supplies for fermenting or culturing your own foods. Check it out here.

Want To Start A Food Blog?

How To Start a Food Blog In 20 Minutes Or Less: Want to start your own food blog? This quick post will share with you everything you need to know to get up and running with your own food blog in 20 minutes or less. Check it out right here.