If so, then The Whole Food Revelation is made for you. The Whole Food Revelation is a cookbook like no other. It combines the very best of gourmet, healthy, real food recipes, meal planning, and grocery lists into one simple, easy to use handbook. The layout of the book is designed to organize and prioritize kitchen tasks so you don’t have to fret about the what, when or how of making amazing whole food meals.

This is a cookbook designed with you in mind. The recipes are laid out in a daily format, over 4 weeks, so whether you want to have a month long meal plan or you just want to pick and choose, you’ll find delicious, easy, whole food meals that you’ll love.

You just follow the easily laid out steps, and dine on gourmet meals every night of the week, in a fraction of the time it would normally take. You’ll eat way better and feel amazing.

For those new to whole food cooking, you’ll appreciate the simplicity of it all. You just buy the groceries on the conveniently included grocery lists and show up. Gourmet whole food meals your way – tasty, fast, and stress free – every night.



What You’ll Learn:

  • -Easy, homemade salad dressings in minutes
  • -An introduction to cooking some vegetarian meals that won’t leave you feeling like “where’s the meat?”
  • -Making beans, legumes, grains & seeds from scratch & at a fraction of the cost
  • -How to make pizza dough without all the preservatives
  • -Healthy sauces made from vegetables
  • -Protein packed side dishes
  • -Using nuts & seeds in meal & sauces
  • -Cooking with a variety of squashes and vegetables to get you out of a veggie rut
  • -Using fruit in savory dishes
  • -Incorporating healthy fat from avocados, nuts & seeds
  • -Making savory jam for meats
  • -Using a variety of spices
  • -How to cook beef, chicken, fish, and pork
  • -And much more!

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What’s Inside:


-Delicious whole food meals laid out in easy to use daily, weekly and monthly formats.

-Grocery Lists

-Detailed Prep Day instructions to make amazing meals super fast.

-Meal Plans for 4 weeks

-Leftover and breakfast ideas

-Each week is designed to get you comfortable with cooking with certain whole foods (eg. quinoa, barley, bulgar, beef, pork, fish, etc).

-Money saving tips and grocery suggestions

-and more!


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Don’t waste anymore time trying to figure out the what and how of feeding your family real foods. Start simplifying mealtime. Get instant access today!

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